Saturday, October 2, 2010

I love conference

I love watching conference twice a year. I feel inspired and I can get a lot of knitting or crocheting done. Today I am planning on another hat and maybe some crochet bunnies. They seem popular as I've gotten requests for them already so I figure I should keep some on hand. I don't like taking orders so it's best if I make them when I feel inspired to do so.
I am still exhausted from last weekend with the ragnar race and then I spoke in sacrament on Sunday AND taught primary AND had standards night. Then Monday was a busy day. Actually so was Tuesday. I really need some downtime. Again, yay for conference. Knitting will keep me awake and listening and then I will go for a run. Just so I don't de-train from all the work I did for ragnar as I'm getting ready for the Richmond Half marathon next month. Woohoo! Now back to bed.

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