Friday, October 1, 2010


Well, last weekend I ran the Ragnar Relay Washington D.C. 2010. I was runner number 7 which meant that I was in the second van with Catherine Faust, Gretchen Stone, Cindy Voelkel, Cherie Jones and of course, Cat Lambson. My combined milage was about 16 miles over 35 hours. I am still recovering and am too tired to write all that happened right now but I wanted to make sure that I posted about it and got my pictures up before the moment passed. I am seriously still tired and it has been a week.
I should mention that a guy from OakMarr ward passed away while running the race. We found out about it in the middle of my first leg. We still don't know how he died because the autopsy came back inconclusive but it was shocking nonetheless. He was 28, in great shape and had a wife and a baby.
It was a little hard to really have fun after we found out but we knew we had a job to do and we did our best while keeping in mind that there is nothing about that race that was worth dying for. We encouraged our teammates to walk when we needed to and run when we could.

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